Central Florida

Central Florida

Now you can play FIKI Football with the logo of your favorite college team. The genuine leather FIKI Football features the collegiate team logo on one side of the ball and the familiar pebbled surface with coil stitching on the reverse side. The replica football field is decorated with the collegiate team logos in both end zones and at mid-field. The triangle “football” game piece retains the size, weight and dimensions of the folded sheet of notebook paper used for decades to play the game.

  • College team logo FIKI Football
  • Genuine leather FIKI Football
  • Team logos on 5” x 7” replica football field
  • Yellow goalpost and goalpost pad
  • Rules are included
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Each FIKI SPORTS game includes a genuine leather game-piece resembling the ball (or puck) used for the sport, a replica playing surface and the scoring apparatus necessary to play each game.

FIKI SPORTS...tabletop games like never before!